New merch, who dis?

Photo by Kelly Masumiya

Photo by Kelly Masumiya

I wanted to take time to explain my journey in launching this online "shop" for anyone interested or curious, because for me it's definitely more personal than just creating merch for the sake of being a dancer creating merch. It's been a learning process over the past few months of finding the right fit, feel, designs, messages, placements, ink types, and all that fun stuff, and I finally have products that I feel good about spreading around to all of you.

First - the logo.  I always knew that when the right time came to create a logo, I would want to incorporate the Yin Yang sign. This symbol has resonated with me for so much of my life - namely the concept that two polar opposite forces can form one harmonious entity. For those of you who know how I am and follow my work, I feel like it's pretty self explanatory. ;) 

On top of the symbolic meaning, other synchronicities exist: My Zodiac sign (Pisces) is two fish forming the Yin Yang, and my last name just so happens to be Yang. My ethnicity also ties in - the South Korean flag is a yin yang symbol. It wasn't until later that I noticed how the middle curve could form an S, and from then I knew it was meant to be. (Logo design credits: Andrew Aquino

Secondly - the Why. 90% of my wardrobe consists of dance clothes, and as a petite female, it's incredibly hard for me to find clothes I like dancing in. When I go shopping, I have to go into the men's section of stores to find things that fit me the way I like for dance (aka baggy), but design-wise I seldom find anything I like. Also, most streetwear brands that look awesome for dance are priced way too high for my Still-Paying-Off-My-USC-loans budget. So I figured... WHY NOT JUST MAKE MY OWN CLOTHES, and spread that good good around to others too? 

Thirdly - the WHAT. My personal relationship with apparel is pretty unique - I often assign meaning to certain items that I wear for special purposes. For example, I have these Superman socks that I always wear when I'm about to have a long and challenging day. At the end of the day, no one else knows my empowering garments because they're hidden, and as small as a totem they may be, they push and motivate me just enough to make a positive impact.

I was inspired to use the messages "WHY CAN'T I," "TINY BUT MIGHTY," and "you got this" because of the personal meanings they've held in my life, and chose placements designed for only you to see. It's not always about showing others that you got this - sometimes you just need to remind yourself. (Psst - each purchase comes with a card that further explains the meaning of each phrase) 

My ultimate goal and reason behind this all is to create apparel that's simple, affordable, empowering, and fits well for dance. I want people to feel a sense of confidence and motivation when they wear my clothes. Thinking about you wearing it and feeling encouraged makes me so happy and excited. 

With all that said, you can browse through my current collection at the SHOP tab. I'm a huge fan of individuality, so expect to see design and color change-ups. I'm also currently operating as a whopping 1-woman team, so I will try my best to address all customer service needs and make this a worthwhile purchase for you all, and apologize if things are bumpy at first. I'm learning as I'm going and it's exciting and terrifying all at once - but nonetheless grateful to openly share this new venture with all of you. :)