Sorah Yang 

is an artist across multiple mediums (choreography, dance, singing), creative director, dance teacher, marketing coordinator, speaker, and entrepreneur. Shortly after graduating from USC with a Bachelors in Business Administration, she shifted lanes and decided to pursue her passions. Born and raised in the Bay Area, currently residing in LA. Strongly dislikes bios. Have a beautiful day!

Watch her latest TEDx talk here.


Where I've Taught 


Germany (Freiburg, Hanover) - Singapore - Malaysia - Seoul, South Korea - China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changchun, Shenzhen, Changsha) - New Delhi, India - Canada (Winnipeg, Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Edmonton) - Mexico (Mexico CIty, Chihuahua) - Hong Kong - Croatia - Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow) - France (Paris, Marseille, Toulouse) - Lisbon, Portugal - Verona, Italy - Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla) - Macau - Bangkok, Thailand - Taipei, Taiwan - Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) - Brussels, Belgium - Basel, Switzerland - Philippines (Manila, Davao) - Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast) 


Stanford - UC Berkeley - UC San Diego - USC - UCLA - Princeton - UPenn - Stonybrook University - Pepperdine - UCI - Rutgers - Cornell - University of Virginia - Binghamton - University of North Carolina - Occidental College - James Madison University - San Francisco State University - University of Illinois Chicago - CSU Dominguez Hills - Northeastern University - Northwestern University - University of Michigan Ann Arbor - University of Florida - Dartmouth - Boston University - Brown- Boston College


Urban Dance Camp (Germany) - Summer Jam Dance Camp (Singapore) - En Dance Camp (Japan) - R2D Dance Camp (Toronto) - Australia Dance Camp (Queensland) - My Dance Camp (Moscow) - Show Me What You Got (St. Petersburg) - Project 818 Dance Festival (Moscow) - Soulplex (Germany) - The Dance Project Convention (Canada) - Izumi Summer School (Japan) - KOMA Camp (South Korea) - Chapkis Int'l Dance Camp (USA) - BC Urban Dance Festival (Belgium) - SI Dance Camp (USA) - Yes We Dance (Sevilla)  - iDance (Spain) - ADC (Croatia) - International Impact (Switzerland) - OHH Madrid (Spain) - Arena Camp (China) - Feel The Bounce (Mexico)  - O-Dog Dance Camp (China) - Expressions Dance Camp (Mexico)


Movement Lifestyle (North Hollywood, CA)  - Kinjaz Dojo (Monterey Park, CA)  - Canadian Dance Company (Ontario, Canada)  - Building Block (San Diego, CA)  - Culture Shock (San Diego, CA)  - On One Studios (San Jose, CA)  - Sinostage (Chengdu, China) - Mission Dance and Performing Arts (Fremont, CA)  - Elite Studio of Dance (Elk Grove, CA)  - mL ONE (North Hollywood, CA)  - Extensions Performing Arts Academy (Lancaster, CA)  - Chapkis Dance Studio (Suisun City, CA)  - SoundBox Studios (Houston, TX)  - theDROP (Tucson, AZ)  - The LAB (West Covina, CA)   - Snowglobe Perspective (Whittier, CA)  - The BOX (Chula Vista, CA)  - Rightfoot Studio (Toronto, Ontario)  - City Dance (San Francisco, CA)  - DISTRCT (Las Vegas, NV)  - Montage Dance Studio (San Jose, CA)  - In The Groove (Oakland, CA)   - Focus Dance Center (Irvine, CA)  - NorCal Dance Arts (San Jose, CA)  - Feedback Studio (Seoul, South Korea)  - Infinity Dance Studio (Hong Kong)  -  KInjaz Dojo China (Chengdu, China) - NEXT Dance School (Portugal)   - Crewplayers Dance Studio (Hong Kong) - Kindred Culture (Mississauga, Canada)